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- kazuma

- he/him, trans

- 19 (8.27)

- eng/jpn

- 4/9/16


if i do something wrong, let me know. i'm not good at picking up on vagues, etc.

i don't initiate conversation too much and may not be good at talking one on one. this isn't because i don't like anyone, it's just that i'm not the best at socializing at first.

please avoid using any feminine titles/compliments/etc when referring to me.

during the school year, i'll probably be less active on twitter.

softblock when unfollowing.


kazuma** / roy mustang

subaru natsuki / percy jackson

**no doubles


- computer science/coding

- music (i play three instruments)

- noragami

- fullmetal alchemist

- love live!

- overwatch

- enstars

(and some others that i can't remember)


- curiouscat: hafuri

- tumblr: kyoukaisens

- vent/priv (selective frq): rottedboys

- line: crotalia

- discord: kazuma#6869

- cookie run ovenbreak id: RCSHK6314